KNF Projects

Experience, Selection and Quality! KNF Inspiration and our group of companies and partners have chosen a path that is successful; highlighting research, material selection and production skills. We stand out in an increasingly competitive market, ready to offer high-end materials that can decorate spaces for the most demanding and motivated customers.

Today KNF Inspiration and partners have become a trusted supplier for projects of all sorts of complexity and design. We work closely with construction groups, architects and design studios because we are always thrilled to satisfy all of their ideas and see their project come to life with our materials and work.

The company has a very wide range of materials such as marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, limestone, sandstone, quartz stone, travertines and semiprecious stones. We differentiate ourselves for the great selection of premium stone of all colors and fantasies from all over the world, and our willingness to complete any project:

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